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Hardware Repair Services

Another cost effect method to increase the life of your computer is to upgrade or replace hardware. Hardware is any physical component of the computer. For example a hard drive, motherboard, DVD-Rom drive, video card, sound card, etc. Most of these items can be easily replaced on site.

Has your computer stopped running?
When you turn on your computer and nothing happens, most cases it is not the death of your computer or your data. There are many software or hardware problems that will cause your computer to stop working. The first thing you need to evaluate, is how old is the computer. If your computer is less than 6 years old, it will most likely be cost effective to have it repaired. If you PC is older than 6 years old and you would like to your data transfered to your new PC, we can make sure that your data is safely transfered to your new PC.

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Computer Hardware Defined.
Over the years in this business we have noticed that everyone is not accustom to the PC jargon. Where we refer to hardware, this means anything physical. We have listed a few common hardware examples:
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