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At eVatange Solution we can build any size network to meet your needs, from a two computer wired network to a custom designed multi-tiered wired and wireless mixed network, with custom firewalls.

Wireless Networks
If you have or need more than one computer, laptop, PS3 or other wireless devices, the next step is a secure home network. The only component that you will need is a wireless router. Available at most electronic stores for around $60. Most laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets now have built in wireless adapters and software that allows you to easily connect to a wireless network. It also provides a very convenient connection to the Internet, printers and other shares devices. Wireless networks are now much more reliable and secure and a very good option. Provided the network is set up correctly! I have seen many, many wireless networks that are wide open and easily accessed from the outside. This is a bad thing to have, even if you do not have any personal data that can be accessed. Allowing anyone to jump on your network can cause major headaches.

Wired Networks
Wired networks use Ethernet (cat-5 or cat-6) cables to connect each component to the network. This is the most common, secure and reliable type of network. A wired network is the foundation for any good wireless network. Very few networks are 100% wireless, most of the time critical components of the network is hard wired to the network. For example servers, routers, backup devices, printers, etc.

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